The Institute: Mary-Louise Parker, Ben Barnes to star in MGM+ Stephen King series

The Stephen King novel The Institute is becoming a series at MGM+ with Mary-Louise Parker and Ben Barnes set to star

Stephen King‘s novel The Institute (which can be purchased HERE) reached store shelves on September 10, 2019 – and that same day, it was announced that David Kelley and Jack Bender, the duo behind the King series adaptation Mr. Mercedes, were working on a limited series adaptation of The Institute. Nearly five years have gone since then and Kelley has dropped off the project along the way, but The Institute is moving forward at MGM+ – and Deadline reports that Mary-Louise Parker of Weeds (and Mr. Mercedes) and Ben Barnes of Shadow and Bone have signed on to star on the show.

Set to run for eight episodes, The Institute will tell the following story: When 12-year-old genius Luke Ellis is kidnapped, he awakens at The Institute, a facility full of children who all got there the same way he did, and who are all possessed of unusual abilities. In a nearby town, haunted former police officer Tim Jamieson has come looking to start a new life, but the peace and quiet won’t last, as his story and Luke’s are destined to collide.

Barnes will be playing Tim Jamieson, “a disillusioned ex-cop who takes a job as the night knocker in a small town, withdrawing from the world until Luke’s plight reignites him and gives him something to believe in.” Parker’s character is Ms. Sigsby, “the charming but iron-willed director of the Institute and a true believer in its awful mission. She’s certain history will come to see her as a hero.”

Coming our way from MGM+ Studios, The Institute is being directed and executive produced by Jack Bender (Lost) and written and executive produced by Benjamin Cavell (Justified). Filming will take place in Nova Scotia later this year.

King provided the following statement: “I’m delighted and excited at the prospect of The Institute, with its high-intensity suspense, being filmed as a series. The combination of Jack Bender and Ben Cavell guarantees that the results will be terrific.

Michael Wright, head of MGM+ (which previously worked with King on Chapelwaite), had this to say: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work again with Stephen King. And The Institute, based on his critically acclaimed novel, is an exciting addition to the MGM+ original series slate. There is no creative team I would trust more to bring the book to life than Jack and Ben, whose creative vision and love of Mr. King’s voice, will bring this thought-provoking and gut-wrenching story to life, in the engaging, cinematic, and thrilling style MGM+ viewers expect.

In addition to Mr. Mercedes, Bender also worked on the King-inspired shows Under the Dome and The Outsider. He said, “I’m thrilled that Stephen King has entrusted me with another of his brilliant novels and continuing the extraordinary creative relationship with Michael Wright and MGM+. Working alongside Ben Cavell and a team of exceptional writers, to tell the story of these uniquely gifted children, will ensure a suspenseful and engrossing series.

Cavell, who worked on the recent mini-series version of King’s The Stand, added, “It is my great honor to have another chance to adapt Stephen King, who has been generous and collaborative beyond my wildest imaginings. Also, the opportunity to work with Jack Bender, who has directed some of my all-time favorite television, is truly a dream come true. I couldn’t be more grateful to Michael Wright and MGM for putting this team together.

Are you interested in seeing The Institute brought to the screen by MGM+? What do you think of Mary-Louise Parker and Ben Barnes signing on to star in the series? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Deadline

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