André Holland says The Knick season 3 is still alive

André Holland says that The Knick season 3 is still alive and that he recently spoke with director Barry Jenkins about it.

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Just when I was finally coming to accept that The Knick was never going to come back, André Holland had to get my hopes up all over again. While speaking with The Wrap, Holland said that The Knick season 3 is still alive.

Following the cancelation of The Knick after two amazing seasons, word emerged that Moonlight director Barry Jenkins was developing a third season with André Holland, but since then… nothing. When The Wrap asked Holland what the premise of that third season would have been, the actor didn’t want to say anything as it could still happen. “I would tell you but there is still a possibility [it could happen],” Holland said. “We are working very hard to make it happen. Keep writing about it, keep talking about it and maybe we can convince the powers that be to write the check.” He said that Jenkins is still involved and that the pair “talked a couple of nights ago and he’s still in lockstep with us.

Following the brilliant but unstable Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) and the staff of New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the early twentieth century. Holland played Dr. Algernon Edwards in the first two seasons of the show, the assistant chief surgeon at the Knick who encounters discrimination from both his fellow doctors and the patients themselves. Steven Soderbergh directed all twenty episodes of The Knick, but the original plan was for the series to undergo something of a soft reboot every two seasons, with a new director stepping in to shape the course of the series.

Soderbergh told The Playlist in 2021 that he originally had a six-year plan for the series, with a massive time jump every two years. “Our six-year plan was Seasons One and Two as you saw it,” Soderbergh said. “Seasons Three and Four were going to skip forward 50 years. It was going to be right after World War II, brand-new characters, brand-new cast. And Seasons Five and Six were going to be set five minutes into the future, with a mix of actors from the previous four seasons. I was really excited to do all of that.”

The Knick is one of my favourite TV shows of the modern era, so I would absolutely love to see season 3. It would likely be different from the first two seasons, but to just enter that world again would be a treat.

Source: The Wrap

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