The Last Boyscout

Review Date:
Director: Tony Scott
Writer: Shane Black
Producers: Michael Levy, Joel Silver
Bruce Willis
Damon Wayans
Chelsea Field
Holy shit, I don’t remember this movie being this much fun!!

If you’re looking for some good cheezy fun, if you’re looking for Halle Berry as a stripper, if you’re looking for some of the best quotable one-liners from the past decade (see below), if you’re looking for Bruce Willis playing John McClane again but not in an official DIE HARD sequel, if you’re looking for Tony Scott perfecting his Tony Scott-ness, if you’re looking for some great stunts, cool laughs and kick ass action, if you’re looking for one of the cooler opening scenes of all-time, if you’re looking to drop your brain off before you watch a film, if you’re looking for Danielle Harris as a kid, if you’re looking for crazy violence, if you’re looking for one of the hipper “black/white partners working together despite not liking each other up front” movies, if you’re looking for the ultimate anti-hero, a man whose own family hates his guts, loves to smoke, swear and drink like a fish and if you’re looking for one of the cooler, better “action” movies put together by uber-producer Joel Silver and writer Shane Black from the early 90s, this movie is ideally shaped for you!

Mind you, I’m presently in quite the intoxicated state of mind, but trust me, I wasn’t like this throughout the movie, and certainly enjoyed all of its goings-on.

Some of my favorite lines in this film, courtesy of the IMDd, include:

Jimmy Dix: Hi, you’re nobody!
Joe Hallenbeck: Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Mike Mathews: It just happened, Joe.
Joe Hallenbeck: Sure, sure, it just happened. You tripped, fell on the floor and accidently stuck your dick into my wife.

Milo: You think you are so fucking cool, don’t you? You think you are so fucking cool. But just once, I would like to hear you scream in pain…
Joe Hallenbeck: Play some rap music.

Scrabble Man: Drop the gun, Hallenbeck! Bit late for a stroll, don’t you think?
Joe Hallenbeck: Yeah, you girls oughta be gettin’ home.
Jimmy Dix: Yeah, streetlights are on.
Jake: Shut up fuckface.
Joe Hallenbeck: I’m fuckface, he’s asshole.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

The Last Boyscout