The latest reboot is Indiana Jones! Spielberg is out, Abrams is in.

GULP. You feared this day was coming and now it’s actually here. The INDIANA JONES reboot. I repeat: GULP.

According to Deadline, instead of proceeding with a fifth INDIANA JONES film that had been in development, Paramount Pictures will instead reboot the franchise with a new adventure that will take place sometime between TEMPLE OF DOOM and “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” What’s even more interesting is who they’ve lined up to direct. Mr. SUPER 8 himself, JJ Abrams.

But wouldn’t STAR TREK 2 preclude Mr. Abrams from directing this film? Ah and that’s where things get interesting. It turns out that Paramount and Abrams aren’t very happy with the development of the TREK 2 script and are looking for a massive rehaul. Instead of sitting on their hands, they’ve decided to fill that void in the schedule with a project they hope to mobilize rather quickly.

While no actors have met with Abrams yet, the shortlist for a younger Indiana Jones includes Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine and Michael Fassbender. As for Steven Spielberg, he’s on board to produce the film with George Lucas taking an exec producer credit (you reboot the film but can’t get rid of him?!).

Are you ready for one more bombshell (one you probably guessed by looking at the image above)? Paramount wants Abrams to consider filming the movie in 3D. Abrams is not the biggest fan of 3D and bristled when Paramount wanted him to consider 3D for STAR TREK 2. Will they get their wish for INDY? Will fanboys worldwide have a heart attack before this even happens? CLICK HERE to read further details…

Source: Deadline

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