The Man Who Knew Too Little

Review Date:
Director: Jon Amiel
Writer: Robert Farrar, Howard Franklin
Producers: Arnon Milchan, Mark Tarlov, Madeline Warren
Bill Murray
Peter Gallagher
Joanne Whalley
If you liked the plot line of THE GAME, you will likely enjoy this movie.

Okay, okay…that’s not exactly ENTIRELY TRUE, but the point is that both stories are eerily parallel. ** spoilers ** In THE GAME, Michael Douglas’ character believes that the events occuring around him are true, when really they’re only part of a game, and in this movie, Bill Murray’s character thinks that he’s part of a game, when really all the things happening around him, are really true! ** end spoilers **

A clever idea for a movie, some might say, but I’m sure others might dismiss it all as a one-joke theme. I dug the premise, so I went with it. The movie’s script is also very well written, in the sense that both sides of the coin are generally covered in every scene. Jolly good!

The movie isn’t particularly FUNNY, if that’s what you’re expecting, but the cleverness of the whole thing, got me whole!

So why the heck did this movie have a bad reputation anyway? For God’s sakes, we even get the lovely Joanne Whaley-Kilmer in a sumptious French maid uniform…mmmmmm, mmmmm!

Anyway, a fun little ride that I enjoyed. Anyone else seen it?

PS: I just read Ebert’s review and it seems as though he hated it because he didn’t care for the whole premise of the film, so none of it worked for him. I could understand that point of view, I suppose, but me likey movie!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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