The Manson Brothers Show: The Boys are thrilled by Night of the Creeps

For the new episode of The Manson Brothers Show, the Boys take a look back at the horror comedy Night of the Creeps, starring Tom Atkins

A new episode of The Manson Brothers Show, the video series hosted by the writers/stars of the horror comedy The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre – Chris Margetis (Stone Manson) and Mike Carey (Skull Manson) – has now been released, and for this one the Boys have taken in a viewing of the 1986 cult classic horror comedy Night of the Creeps (watch it HERE)! To find out what the Manson Brothers think of Night of the Creeps, check out the video embedded above.

Written and directed by Fred Dekker, Night of the Creeps has the following synopsis: Humor mixes with horror in this chiller about a college campus being ravaged by gruesome creatures that turn their victims into zombies. The night of the formal is finally here for Chris, Cindy, and J.C. It’s going to be the best night of their lives. But, tonight is also the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. From a world unknown comes a nightmare unimagined. First, they are under you, around you, inside of you, then, you’re dead. Zombies, exploding heads, creepy crawlies, they are a new breed of terror; a different kind of horror. The Creeps are taking over. You never had a night like this! 

The film stars Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, Tom Atkins, Allan Kayser, Dick Miller, and Suzanne Snyder.

Here’s some information on The Manson Brothers ShowAt long last, The Manson Brothers (Stone and Skull Manson) bring their lunacy to The Arrow in the Head Show YouTube Channel! The brothers discuss all manner of topics ranging from bad ass movies, bad ass music, and bad ass women, and much, much MORE!! Get ready to laugh, probably cry and just have some good times with Stone and Skull on THE MANSON BROTHERS SHOW!!

This episode of The Manson Brothers Show is hosted by Chris Margetis and Mike Carey, edited by Lance Vlcek, produced by John Fallon, Chris Margetis, and Mike Carey, and executive produced by Berge Garabedian.

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You can watch or purchase The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre HERE.

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Source: Arrow in the Head

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