The Money Pit

Review Date:
Director: Richard Benjamin
Writer: David Giler
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Art Levinson, Frank Marshall
Tom Hanks
Shelley Long
Alexander Godunov
An easy watch. A film that I’ve seen countless times but one which still manages to amuse me every time. This was Tom Hanks pre-Oscar boy, when he was just another working actor/comedian like the rest of them. Shelley Long also worked as the goofy wife. Too bad her career took a nosedive soon thereafter.

A funny film with a great cameo by Joe Mantegna, a touching moment or two, but mostly just goofiness and memorable one-liners. Steven Spielberg as executive producer. I guess that’s when he and Hanks starting becoming buddy/buddy.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian