The Object Of My Affection

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Director: Nicolas Hytner
Writer: Wendy Wasserstein
Producers: Laurence Mark
Jennifer Aniston as Nina Borowski, Paul Rudd as George Hanson, Timothy Daly as Dr. Robert Joley, Nigel Hawthorne as Rodney Fraser
Lovely, independent woman does not want her boyfriend to move in with her, but does request a gay friend of hers to do the same. Her relationship with the gay man blossoms into a true friendship, as her actual relationship with her boyfriend begins to crumble. When faced with a life-altering decision, she must decide who she really loves, who really loves her back, and how these decisions will affect their future.
Would-be comedy actually delivers very little in the chuckle department, runs way too long, musters up a weak ending, and offers nothing substantially original or thought-provoking to the audience. This film was actually quite dramatic at points, and within that context, delivered very little substance to back itself up. The funnier moments were lacking, the characters seemed pieced together, and the ending just seemed to politically-agree with anyone who might care (except for an audience looking to be entertained, that is.)

CHASING AMY (7/10) is the Kevin Smith film that bookmarked the idea of a heterosexual falling head over heels for a homosexual, but that film made sure that we understood where each character was coming from, mixed the whole fling within various real circumstances, and delivered many funny moments and hip dialogue. Having said that, I also didn’t care for AMY’s ending, but that’s because I didn’t find Banky’s decision realistic. This movie, on the other hand, seemed very cliché, unoriginal, and quite boring.

Many of Nina’s (Aniston) decisions in the film seem self-centered and unexplained, and left us wondering why she was acting the way that she was. Also, I never really bought into her “love” for her gay roommate, and didn’t appreciate the zillions of shots of them dancing together, to make this point (Oh, I get it. If they’re dancing together, that MUST be love!!). All in all, this film is so-so in its narrative, so-so in the acting department, but boring over its entire close to two-hour running course. Nigel Hawthorne was the only standout in the cast as the older, wiser, and more sensitive soul.

Unless you are in this exact type of situation in your own life, do not see this film. And even if you are in the same type of scenario, you will still not be entertained by this film, but may take away some questions of your own. Either way, do yourself a favor and see Kevin Smith’s CHASING AMY instead. A way superior movie, with better characters, better dialogue, and a much more entertaining story-line. You might even want to see MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING (7/10) for a more mainstream solution.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

The Object of My Affection



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