The Order: Jude Law, Nicholas Hoult star in domestic terrorism thriller

Jude Law and Nicholas Hoult have signed on to star in the domestic terrorism thriller The Order, directed by Justin Kurzel

Jude Law (Captain Marvel) and Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) have signed on to star in the true crime domestic terrorism thriller The Order, which is set to be directed by Justin Kurzel (Nitram) from a screenplay written by Zach Baylin, the Oscar-nominated writer of King Richard. Baylin’s script is based on the book The Silent Brotherhood by Kevin Flynn and Gary Gerhardt.

The Silent Brotherhood tells of the escalating crimes of the titular white supremist domestic terror group. The Order has the following synopsis: In 1983, a series of increasingly violent bank robberies, counterfeiting operations and armored car heists frightened communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. As baffled law enforcement agents scrambled for answers, a lone FBI agent (Law), stationed in the sleepy, picturesque town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, came to believe the crimes were not the work of traditional, financially motivated criminals but a group of dangerous domestic terrorists, inspired by a radical, charismatic leader (Hoult), plotting a devastating war against the federal government of the United States.

The Order is set to begin filming in Alberta, Canada this May. AGC Studios is financing and producing The Order, and Deadline reports that they will be presenting the project to potential distributors at the European Film Market later this month. Producing with AGC are Bryan Haas of Chasing Epic Pictures and Jude Law’s company Riff Raff Entertainment. The individual producers are Haas, Law, and Ford. Kurzel and Baylin serve as executive producers with Riff Raff Entertainment’s Ben Jackson and Stephen Fuss, Kate Susman, and Jeremy Saulnier and Zach Garrett of AGC Studios.

I’m not familiar with the actions of The Silent Brotherhood, but The Order sounds like it has the makings of a solid thriller. Law and Hoult are dependable actors, and this one has some solid talent behind the camera as well. Where I was really sold is when I saw that Jeremy Saulnier is one of the producers. I have been following Saulnier’s directing career ever since he got his start with the horror comedy Murder Party, which he has followed up with Blue Ruin, Green Room, Hold the Dark, and episodes of True Detective. Since he is involved with The Order, I’m guaranteed to see it.

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Source: Deadline

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