The Rage: Carrie 2

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Director: Katt Shea
Writer: Rafael Moreu
Producers: Paul Monash
Emily Bergl and Jason London
Girl#1 meets boy#1. Boy#1 sleeps with girl#1. Girl#1 tells her best friend, girl#2, she really digs the guy. Guy#1 tells his friends that he doesn’t give a crap about girl#1. Girl#1 finds out. Girl#1 does something real nasty to herself. One of the guy’s friends now starts liking girl#2. Is he using her as well? Does he really like her? Not sure, but either way, girl#2 possesses telekinetic powers by which she can move things with her mind when she is upset, and hurt people real bad. Enjoy the movie.
Lame, predictable, slow and not scary…and those are its good points! I wish I could say that this film had something going for it, but it doesn’t even have any cheap T&A shots, pop-culture humor, or one decent, hip teen TV star to gaze at (Okay, I know the kid from “Home Improvement” is in it, but he ain’t really all that hip.) If you’ve seen the trailers for this movie, you’ve pretty much seen the only exciting parts of this entire film. It starts off slow, it continues to go slow, and then eventually downshifts into the most anti-climactic and foreseeable ending this side of the PSYCHO (6/10) remake! The best part about this movie is when they splice in shots of the original CARRIE, and that’s not saying much. Amy Irving, we forgive, because this is the best that you could muster at this point of your career. The rest of the cast is lame and forgettable, non-withstanding Jason London (Twin brother of the kid who starred in Kevin Smith’s MALLRATS (6/10), Jeremy), and Emily Bergl in her feature film debut.

If you’re looking for a bad horror movie, this is it!!! I saw this film at a sneak preview, where most of the audience got in for free, and even then, people were walking out! By the end of this cinematic gig, most people were rolling in the aisles with laughter, but not because of the humor in the film, but for the cruel joke that we had all just been a party to. Even the soundtrack sucked. All in all, I would recommend this film only to those who love to see bad horror movies, or cheezy remakes that blow chunks. Otherwise, skip this dull follow-up and rent the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (9/10), if you really want to get the schmekkies scared out of ya!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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