The Road Warrior

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Director: George Miller
Writer: Terry Hayes, George Miller, Brian Hannant
Producers: Byron Kennedy
Mel Gibson
Bruce Spence
Michael Preston
I saw this movie right after I watched MAD MAX (8/10) last night and I have to say that in that respect, it actually disappointed me a little. Sure, it’s still a pretty good movie on its own, but I had a lot more problems with it than I did with the original.

For one, I was looking forward to more Mel kickin’ ass all over those fine Aussie roads, only to find him in a desert, with a bunch of “desert people” who I didn’t give half a shit about. Of course, the ACTION SCENES still kicked a whole heapin’ of ass, but there just didn’t seem to be much going on until the film’s final half hour (which is one friggin’ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUN ride!!).

All that stuff about Max checking out the oil refinery, then getting into it and figuring out whether or not to help the people, well, it wasn’t all that interesting to me. I guess I was just waiting for him to get back in his V8 and kick more ass out on the roads.

Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the “desert kid” that they slapped into this installment, and the “flying dude” was also a good addition in respect to some laughs, but I guess I just appreciated the original flick’s BASIC story of “kickin’ arse” better than this less interesting tale.

But overall, I was still mightily entertained by Max, loooooooooved the way that those action scenes were shot by Mr. Miller (how’s about that guy who gets pulled under that car— woohoo!!) and appreciated the whole mythology of the Max character.

PS: This movie also confirmed the gay undertones of the first film by adding some gay OVER-tones…!! What’s with all those S&M dudes in leather, man…

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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