The sequel you’ve been waiting for: Triplets with Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and…Eddie Murphy?

This is not a joke, I assure you.  Okay, it’s not an intentional joke.  Otherwise, yes, it’s a joke.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito have attached themselves to a sequel of their 1988 film TWINS, which featured the duo as “experimentally conceived” long-lost brothers.  The sequel, called TRIPLETS, adds a new brother to the mix, this time in the form of Eddie Murphy. 

It sounds so ludicrous at first, but if you’ve seen the first film, it actually seems like a logical direction to go.  I mean, the whole concept of TWINS was built around the 180 degree difference of Schwarzenegger and DeVito, so adding a black man to the mix is consistent with the overall concept.

I loved TWINS as a kid, but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen it. I doubt it holds up that well.  Aside from the hotel scene with Kelly Preston in a nighty, there’s not a whole lot to remember, other than Arnold’s fish-out-of-water act and DeVito’s conniving shyster act, but that was fun enough as I recall.

Eddie Murphy feels like a “vanilla” choice for the role, though.  Aside from the fact that he’s made nothing but crap for a decade or so, he isn’t exactly an edgy comedian anymore.  Maybe that’s what the producers want, but I see it as a missed opportunity to cast someone better.  Zack Galfianakis, Louie C.K., or any number of on-the-rise comedians would feel like a better fit.  Shit, get Dave Chapelle out of retirement for the role and I’ll buy a ticket right now.

Original director Ivan Rietman is serving as a producer on this one and a script and a director are forthcoming.  Meaning, they’ll probably hire a director quickly and then start writing the script on the first day of shooting. 

TRIPLETS will definitely be a fun one to watch develop, so stay tuned as it develops.

Oh, and here’s my favorite scene from TWINS:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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