The Tick battles assassin Overkill in official clip

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I love THE TICK, and I especially loved the new pilot from Amazon Studios. I’ve said it before, but what I enjoyed about that pilot was the more serious tone and the emotional sincerity (especially when it comes to Arthur) that hasn’t been a part of any of the other incarnations. It was even better that The Tick remained the same big doofus he’s always been. That tonal dissonance – as it attempted to parody the more serious takes on superheroes, such as the Marvel Netflix shows – really resonated with me.

And judging by the above clip, it seems they’re doubling down on that. Overkill seems straight out of the current crop of grim-n-gritty superhero shows and movies, and the growing frustration as The Tick seems to just shrug off all his attacks were pretty funny, “your hockey puck has a message!” But, I have to admit, I’m not sure how I feel about The Tick being defeated (or seemingly defeated) in the fight, as his nigh-invulnerability in the face of serious threats was always part of the humor. Hopefully they find a way to make this work.

Meanwhile, THE TICK will bust onto Amazon Prime streaming August 25th.

Source: YouTube

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