The Tick creator says there’s a 5-year arc planned for the Amazon series

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

I’ve loved every iteration of THE TICK, from the comic-book, to the animated series, to the first live-action show, to now the recent Amazon Prime series. While certain things change – such as tone and gore – certain things stay the same. One of those constants is The Tick’s lack of backstory – save that he came from a mental institution.

However, according to creator (and show’s producer) Ben Edlund, in an interview with Birth.Movies.Death, that might change. Here’s what Edlund had to say:

[THE TICK is] designed as a story with a clear beginning, middle and end, which is one of the reasons I came back. What’s going on Arthur’s planet relates to the superhero phenomenon and what The Tick is, and we want to go places with that and make it feel like they had a purpose. So I see it as a five-season rough arc.

Huh. Well, I for one am glad there’s a definitive end, especially with the way The Terror has been set up as the big bad. I also find it interesting that there’s a hint we might get a backstory to The Tick – which I’m more wary of. However, like I said, I loved the pilot and first season, and trust what Edlund has in mind for the character. Looking forward to more. SPOOOOOON!!!!

Meanwhile, THE TICK is streaming on Amazon Prime right now.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death

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