The very hottest pics of Zoe Saldana and her guns from Colombiana

Revenge is beautiful. This much is true when it’s Zoe Saldana seeking revenge. In the film COLOMBIANA, Saldana stars as an assassin hell bent on revenge after witnessing her parents murder as a child. Not exactly reinventing the wheel in terms of plot, but it features one thing that most other revenge films don’t: Zoe Saldana and a bazooka.

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs, we’ve compiled the best shots from COLOMBIANA. It should not surprise you that each of these shots include Ms. Saldana in short shorts, wielding a gun or sometimes both. A Freudian might have a field day with this but leave that Pysch 101 bullshit for the college freshman – just enjoy Zoe Saldana, her legs and her guns.


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