These new posters for Jack the Giant Killer bring four giants and a traditional rhyme to the fore

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We’ve already had a look at one of the titular giants from JACK THE GIANT SLAYER via an international poster released last week, and today brings close-ups of four more giants for your (dubious) viewing pleasure. 

One assumes that the posters are meant to be viewed all together, but seeing as how theaters rarely have the space to do so I’m not sure just how well any of these posters would translate when viewed by itself.  Still, with the movie less than two months away now I’ll take whatever I can get.  Either someone has dropped the ball over at Universal or enthusiasm at the studio has severely waned, and either way it doesn’t at all  bode well for the latest attempt from Bryan Singer to break away from his X-MEN legacy.  A task which, as we all know, he’s somewhat given up on

The question of course becomes: what do you think of this creature design? And which one is voiced by the brilliant Bill Nighy? And on scale of one to ten, how hard is it for you to not be like me and wonder about the spelling decisions of the nursery rhyme (if that’s what you call it) that we all know so well? For the record though, and for all my gripes, I have enough faith in the creative team behind this thing to still hold out some hope.  Not to mention the stellar cast, spearheaded by the inimitable Ian McShane and Stanley Tucci.

I would assume that we’ll score at least one more trailer before the fantasy adventure arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on March 1st.  So keep an eye peeled, and we’ll make sure to update accordingly.

Jack the Giant Slayer giant poster 1

Jack the Giant Slayer giant poster 2

Jack the Giant Slayer giant poster 3

Jack the Giant Slayer giant poster 4

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