The 2022 Razzie nominations include Space Jam, Bruce Willis’ own category

Last Updated on February 8, 2022

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The 2022 Razzie nominations have been announced and those being honored (or dishonored) come from a wide range of popular films and one actor has even received his very own category.

This year, the awards event has a new category, “Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie,” and this is where Bruce Willis is nominated for his roles in American Siege, Apex, Cosmic Sin, Deadlock, Fortress, Midnight in the Switchgrass, Out of Death, and Survive the Game. Not sure this is the distinction he was hoping for this year.

In a clear sign that Jared Leto’s performance in House of Gucci has been very polarizing, the actor is nominated for worst supporting actor and worst couple, paired with what the nominations call his “ridiculous” movie accent, or his “17-pound latex face” for his performance as Paolo Gucci. Leto has also received acclaim for his role in the film with a nomination as Best Supporting Actor at the Critics Choice Awards and a recent SAG nomination. He could be headed for an Oscar nomination as well which will be interesting to investigate if he would be the first person to receive best and worst nominations for the same role.

Some people on social media are responding negatively to the Razzie nomination that Ben Affleck received for worst actor for his role as French baron Count Pierre d’Alencon in The Last Duel. Many are saying he gave an absolutely solid performance and that the Razzies are singling him out to merely draw attention to their ceremony.

Each year, the Razzie Awards take place the day before The Academy Awards. This year, the ceremony will take place on March 26, 2022, and The Academy Awards will take place on March 27, 2022. You can check out the full list of nominees below!

Worst Picture
“Diana the Musical” (The Netflix Version)
“Space Jam: A New Legacy”
“The Woman in the Window”

Worst Actor
Scott Eastwood (Dangerous)
Roe Hartrampf (Diana the Musical)
Lebron James (Space Jam: A New Legacy)
Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen)
Mark Wahlberg (Infinite)

Worst Actress
Amy Adams (The Woman in the Window)
Jeanna de Waal (Diana the Musical)
Megan Fox (Midnight in the Switchgrass)
Taryn Manning (Karen)
Ruby Rose (Vanquish)

Worst Supporting Actress
Amy Adams (Dear Evan Hansen)
Sophie Cookson (Infinite)
Erin Davie (Diana the Musical)
Judy Kaye (Diana the Musical)
Taryn Manning (Every Last One of Them)

Worst Supporting Actor
Ben Affleck (The Last Duel)
Nick Cannon (The Misfits)
Mel Gibson (Dangerous)
Gareth Keegan (Diana the Musical)
Jared Leto (House of Gucci)

Worst Screen Couple
Any Klutzy Cast Member & Any Lamely Lyricized (or choreographed) Musical Number (Diana the Musical)
LeBron James & Any Warner Cartoon Character (or Time-Warner product) He Dribbles on (Space Jam: A New Legacy)
Jared Leto & Either His 17-Pound Latex Face, His Geeky Clothes or His Ridiculous Accent (House of Gucci)
Ben Platt & Any Other Character Who Acts Like Platt Singing 24-7 is Normal (Dear Evan Hansen)
Tom & Jerry (aka Itchy & Scratchy) (Tom & Jerry the Movie)

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel
Karen (inadvertent remake of Cruella de Vil)
Space Jam: A New Legacy
Tom & Jerry the Movie
Twist (rap remake of Oliver Twist)
The Woman in the Window (rip-off of Read Window)

Worst Director
Christopher Ashley (Diana the Musical)
Stephen Chbosky (Dear Evan Hansen)
Coke Daniels (Karen)
Renny Harlin (The Misfits)
Joe Wright (The Woman in the Window)

Worst Screenplay
Joe DiPietro – Diana the Musical
Coke Daniels – Karen
Kurt Wimmer and Robert Henny – The Misfits
John Wrathall and Sally Collett – Twist
Tracy Letts – The Woman in the Window

How do you feel about the 2022 Razzie nominations?

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