Three films in the works from Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s new production company

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

mccarthy and falcone

Melissa McCarthy has been very busy since BRIDESMAIDS was a colossal hit. She has IDENTITY THIEF with Jason Bateman opening tomorrow and her comedy with Sandra Bullock, THE HEAT, hits theaters in June. Now THR has an exclusive that Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone have formed their own production company called On The Road, as well as some information on their first three projects.

MICHELLE DARNELL doesn’t have a released plot synopsis yet, but what we do know is it’s based on a character created by Melissa McCarthy. Her and her husband came up with the story and will be working on the script with another former member of The Groundlings, Steve Mallory.

Next there’s COUSIN IRV FROM MARS. The story about “a boy and his weird cousin who happens to be from Mars” comes from the upcoming book by Bruce Eric Kaplan, who has done cartoon work for The New Yorker and scripts for SEINFELD and SIX FEET UNDER.

The third film is an adaptation of Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On Their Sex Lives for 101 Days (No Excuses!), a memoir by author Douglas Brown about “his and his wife’s attempts to rekindle their 14-year marriage with a 101-day sexual marathon, some of it good, some of it bad, most of it funny.”

Well that should certainly keep Melissa McCarthy busy and her fans very happy.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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