Thunderbirds are go with WETA’s CG-designed models

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


If you're sentimental about the Thunderbirds and are looking to have the classic marionettes replaced with CG creations, than look no further than the new designs of the Tracy brothers for the 26-episode Thunderbirds Are Go series! Slated to air this spring, Thunderbirds Are Go will use a mixture of live-action modesl and CGI, courtesy of WETA. Rosamund Pike will be providing the voice of Lady Penelope, and for you Thunderbirds aficionados, David graham will reprise his role as Parker. If you're looking to check out what these CG iterations look like, gaze below!


I was never much of a Thunderbirds guy myself, but color me surprised that they're going the CG route. If anything, I would have thought the likes of TEAM AMERICA would have paved the way for folks to eat up some delicious marionette-on-marionette action. There's a sense of nostalgia that goes along with it, but as they say, times are a changin'. At the end of the day, it couldn't be worse than the Bill Paxton movie, right?

Thunderbirds Are Go will air sometime this spring.

Source: The Guardian

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