Tom Cruise & Conan O’Brien have the most awkwardly hilarious drive ever

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

People-in-cars shows are becoming a new trend, much like anything involving cakes or house-flipping. People love them some “Carpool Karaoke” and COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE, as they put a new spin on the casual nature of driving from one point to another. But there’s nothing wrong with getting in a car and just driving. For very long periods of time. With little speaking. And no music. Conan O’Brien understands how much fun this can be, and he decided to enlist Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise to help him prove it. The result is a long, unenlightening journey wherein they talk about traffic, weather, have awkward exchanges or just sit in silence. Take a look above and try not to be overwhelmed at how riveting a three-and-a-half hour drive can be.

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Source: Conan

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