Top 10 Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed (video)

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Take a moment and think of some of your favorite movie sequels. Most of you probably jumped to any countless classics, like THE DARK KNIGHT, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, T2: JUDGEMENT DAY,  ALIENS, THE GODFATHER PART 2 and, without a doubt – SPIDER-MAN 3. But sequels aren’t just for massive blockbusters. Oh no, Hollywood never misses an opportunity to make a follow up to even the most random movie, in hopes that the brand name appeal with sell at least a few DVD’s. There are so many sequels out there you’ve never heard of. For instance, do you know they made a sequel to THE GREAT ESCAPE? Remember the Christmas classic A CHRISTMAS STORY? Well, then you NEED to see the sequel A SUMMER STORY. It’s basically the same movie but in more flexible attire. We have a whole list of forgotten sequels for you, and frankly only a few are worthy of kicking off a shared universe.


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