Toy Story

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Director: John Lasseter
Writer: Joss Whedon, A. Stanton, J. Cohen, A. Sokolow
Producers: Bonnie Arnold, Ralph Guggenheim
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Computer animated film features a behind the scenes look at all of the toys which we’ve had the pleasure of playing with over the years. The story centers around the main toy, Woody the cowboy, who fears his place among the kingdom of toys being taken over by the latest and greatest action figure plaything called Buzz Lightyear.
Cute, inventive, entertaining little toy adventure for young and old alike. Now despite the fact that computer animated graphics barely impress me anymore, I did find much to like in this fun story about toys and their apparent human personality traits and emotions. The fulfilling rivalry between Woody and the newest toy in the room, Buzz Lightyear, was also quite engaging, especially with the latter toy paying little attention to the supposed competition. In fact, the best part about the movie was the whole personality struggle which Buzz had to endure between his own belief that he was an actual Space Ranger and Woody’s constant reminders that he was “just a toy”. The action and the computer animation in the last half hour of the film was the topper of it all, while the first half seemed more like a build-up thereof. Overall, this movie should inspire many small children to appreciate their lifeless toys on a more serious level (or at least not blow them up!), while the bigger children, namely us adults, may just be surprised to find themselves appreciating the sheer joy and childhood reminiscences which this film aims to incite.
(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Toy Story



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