Trailer for documentary Sellebrity with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Kid Rock

From celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur comes a look behind the Papparazi and into the perspective of those they capture in SELLEBRITY, a new documentary that attempts to explore the business of celebrity obsession and how it affects all involved.  Featuring interviews with some of the most famous faces on the covers of gossip mags, like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Salma Hayek, as well as a host of others including Sheryl Crow, Marc Anthony, Kid Rock, Elton John, and Rosanna Arquette

It looks interesting enough and I’ll definitely give it a watch someday, but I feel almost like we’ve settled into this kind of thing by now, for better or for worse.  I suppose that’s easy to say when your own life isn’t splattered across a tabloid, but ultimately I feel like it’s kind of the new norm. 

Take the shot:

Here’s the synopsis:

Renowned rock and roll Kevin Mazur has pulled together an impressive team for his first feature-length documentary about the changing face of celebrity and the many ways that the media has conveyed, defined, and even demeaned what it means to be famous today. Taking a historical ride through the early days of Hollywood and the rise of paparazzi, $ellebrity explores how fame has changed from the highly-structured studio system to the current free-for-all press and paparazzi frenzy.

SELLEBRITY will hit select theaters and Apple iTunes on January 11, 2013.


Source: Apple (via YouTube)

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