Trailer: Zombie-comedy series Bunkheads now on Amazon Prime

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

I've never heard one word about Lauren Klixbull and Will Gong's zombie apocalypse comedy series BUNKHEADS starring Khalif Boyd, Josh Covitt, Chris O'Brien, Carly Turro, Rikio, Alexandra Corin Johnston, Michael D'Elia, and Tate Hanyok before today. But as of today, we have the six-episode series' trailer to share with you guys and it looks like good times to us.

The show is currently available on Amazon Prime so you can go ahead and click the link and get started watching right now if that's your bag, but for everyone else, let's get to know the show a little bit more before we dive in, shall we? Let's kick it off with the show's official plot/rundown:

With humor and heart, Bunkheads tells the story of the unlikeliest people forging a new family. One year into the zombie apocalypse, we jump into an underground bunker where four zany survivors – an oddball teacher, a floundering actress, a techie workout warrior, and an immature wannabe rapper – are hiding from the undead hordes above. Stuck in cramped quarters, the Bunkheads are isolated and hangry. As frustrations start to boil over we explore the lives, dreams, and fantasies of these lovable goofballs who aren’t sure if they are holding out for a miraculous rescue or just biding time until they become zombie lunchables. As they await their fate, we learn that the hardest part of the zombie apocalypse isn’t surviving; it’s putting up with each other.

All six episodes of the first season were directed by Lauren Klixbull from a series of scripts written by Will Gong. Gabriel Reiter produced the show which stars Khalif Boyd, Josh Covitt, Chris O'Brien, Carly Turro, Rikio, Alexandra Corin Johnston, Michael D'Elia, and Tate Hanyok. All six episodes of the first season are now available over on Amazon. Check them out right HERE and then make sure to let us know what you think!

The show looks to be fun times in the vein of such super classics as SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND albeit to a much lower degree. But as we all know by this point in time, a series like this lives and dies (and in the case of BUNKHEADS, lives again) on the strength and even more importantly the charm of it's leading cast. And from the show's trailer we have today I think the series displays (at least) three instantly likable peeps. And that's a good enough batting average for me. Check the trailer out for yourself below!

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