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As you may have heard here and on about ten thousand or so other fansites, it was revealed at the Disney panel, along with some ridiculously awesome concept art, that the name of the upcoming TRON sequel will not be the cringe-inducing TR2N or TRON 2.0 but the decent TRON LEGACY.

It’s a little on the generic side, sure, but it’s bucket loads better than anything Web 2.0-ish. In any case, Disney just slapped the internets with the film’s title treatment, which you can check out
above. Click for bigness. No release date is set as yet.

Mike Sampson and the crew are also updating our JOBLO.COM
with nuggets from some of the panels, and they
included 2 pics from the TRON panel, which you can see below, along with an official shot of the panel Disney sent, which you can also click for bigness:


Source: Disney

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