Things get spicy as TruTV orders game show from Hot Ones

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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TruTV has announced that they're placing a 20-episode series order for HOT ONES: THE GAME SHOW, based on the web talk series with hot questions and even hotter wings, Hot Ones, as hosted by Sean Evans. Hailing from Complex Networks and First We Feast, Hot Ones is in the midst of hosting its 10th season. Since March of 2015, Hot Ones has presented Youtubers with in-depth interviews featuring some of the world's hottest celebrities, movie stars, athletes, and musical artists. Evans will host the new game show, which is set to be produced by DIGA Studios. The project will move into production later this fall with a premiere planned for early next year.

In addition to landing HOT ONES: THE GAME SHOW, TruTV will also air past episodes of the Hot Ones web series, as part of an hour-long block each week. For the spicy presentation, TruTV will host an episode of HOT ONES: THE GAME SHOW which will then be followed by the original First We Feast interview gauntlet.

In each half-hour episode of Hot Ones: The Game Show, two teams of two face three rounds, banking as much cash as they can to compete for the grand prize. Contestants will be quizzed on pop-culture trivia while chowing down on wings slathered in increasingly spicy sauces as their mental and visual skills are tested and they become completely disoriented.

The team with the most cash at the end of all three rounds moves on to the finale, The Ring of Fire. Five flaming rings stand between the teammates and the cash, and they must work together to solve a password game, with each successful clue extinguishing another ring of flames as they get closer and closer to the money—and the antidote for their burning mouths. If the teammates fight through the pain and guess five correct passwords in 90 seconds, they’ll win $25,000 in cash and claim their places as Hot Ones legends! (via Deadline)

“Fans around the world have tried creating their own versions of the Hot Ones challenge for years, but there’s nothing better than the real thing,” said Brett Weitz, general manager TBS, TNT, and truTV. “We’re going to up the stakes, and take this show to a whole new level of heat.”

“Our Hot Ones interview show is all about deconstructing celebrities and making them seem like normal people,” said Evans. “With Hot Ones: The Game Show, we’re excited to flip the script and give everyday people the chance to achieve hot sauce glory.”

“With Hot Ones, we were able to redefine the celebrity interview with the addition of violently hot chicken wings,” said Chris Schonberger, General Manager of First We Feast. “Now, we’re excited to team up with the pros at truTV and DIGA to create a great game show format, supercharged with the spice and offbeat sensibility of the original series.”

Wow! I don't know if they'll ever see this article or not, but I'd like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Sean and the rest of the Hot Ones team. I've been watching Hot Ones since the very first episode and I can't think of a platform that is more deserving of expansion and success than First We Feast's insightful web series. For my money, Evans is one of the best interviewers of this generation, and will make for a fine host for this exciting endeavor. I for one will be tuning in to see what HOT ONES: THE GAME SHOW is all about next year, and I wish the team nothing but the best as things get even hotter for all involved.

Source: Deadline

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