Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 2 in the works? Looks like it!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Are we going to see those unlucky but lovable hicks Tucker & Dale fight evil once again? It would appear so! At the HorrorHound convention this past weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio, the stars of the first cult classic Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine both confirmed that the producers of TUCKER & DALE are hoping to move forward with the sequel at some point this year.

It was Tudyk who essentially blurted out the bombshell, but Labine followed up by saying the producer is so intent on getting the next installment done that it’s the first movie on his 2014 production schedule. Sounds pretty concrete to me!

While there aren’t any details available yet, the first film’s director Eli Craig told the AITH Podcast years ago that it would potentially take place at a university of some sort. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.

Watch the chat with Tudyk and Labine below, courtesy of FEARnet.

Source: FEARnet

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