TV Review: Bates Motel S4, Episode #8 (Unfaithful)

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

EPISODE 8: Unfaithful

CHECKING IN: Norman (Freddie Highmore) is now back at home and Norma (Vera Farminga) fesses up as to her love for Romero (Nestor Carbonnell) – it doesn't go well – at all.

THE ROOM: With two episodes to go, everything is falling apart at Bates Motel and it couldn’t be more cringe inducing yet deliciously entertaining to watch. Written by Freddie Highmore who obviously knows his character fairly well at this point, “Unfaithful” made for a potent Norman-heavy episode, one that hinted at things getting much worse before they get better. What else is new in this world…

This went WAY BETTER than I thought it would… 

For starters Norman’s jealousy when it comes to Mother and Romero is pretty much out of f*cking control.  I loved witnessing the “guilt trip” games that Norma and Norman played on each other. Norman started it by making his Mother feel bad for being with another man. Norma then reversed it and doubled down on by being angry and snappy with him hence making Norman the more submissive one (all about that Christmas tree outing – move over Griswolds, say hello to The Bates!). That’s until Norman snapped and one-upped her (and Romero) by going axe happy (yes I was frightened for Romero during that bit).  Make no mistake; these are two very deranged human beings people! And we love them for it.

Two things hit me hard in terms of this Norma/Norman tug of war: I had totally forgotten how in the early seasons, it was Norma that suffocated Norman and acted mucho jealous when other girls came into play. So when Norman slapped the past back in Norma’s face, it hit her and me as well! Well played Norman! Lastly, I am also now 100% confident that Romero will not kick the bucket this season. He will be imprisoned instead. As I feared the lazy “dirty money” subplot didn’t end with the last episode and just came back to bite Romero in the ass. Bummer the show went that way – Romero giving Norma blood money when there’s still an investigation ongoing = dumb move to serve the plot. This series is usually smarter than this. 

Dear Norma, flee this house and your son! Sincerely; Arrow.

And was I alone in really wanting a “they moved away and were never to be seen again” ending for Dylan and Emma? Dylan’s realization that Norma and Norman will never get better and he and Emma consuming their affection for each other resulted in me just wanting them out of the show, safe somewhere else, living happily ever after. For a second, I started to believe that was going to happen (Emma and Norman’s sweet “all is well” talk helped convince me of that) but then I remembered that we had still had the “Norman killed Emma’s mom” and the “Caleb, Chick with Dylan in the middle” plot lines still dangling about. Hence I’m not throwing a “you got out” party for them crazy kids just yet.

It is a statement to this show's quality that amidst all of the thick drama, the episode managed to sport some genuine moments of levity and humor. Norman’s “All better now” quip after taking his medicine cracked me up while Romero's “magical unicorn” line had me in stitches – augmented by Farminga and Carbonell’s powerful chemistry together. It's oen of the reasons I love this show, it can juggle varied tones without dropping one ball. The cherry on top this week was of course the inception of the famous “peep hole” from PSYCHO. It was groovy to see its origin of it here! So there ya have it, this week’s foray into Bates Land was yet another hard hitter. Take her home Norman! See ya next week!

Random Thoughts: Why was it Christmas all of a sudden? Kind of took me aback for some reason.

At this point I don't think anybody is dying this season…unless… Chick and/or Caleb surface. What think you?

At this point I have no idea when Norman is being sincere or not. The line has gotten very blurry for me. You?



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