Two new promos show off season 8 of Archer and its unique noir setting

ARCHER is probably one of my favorite shows at the moment. It's funny, action-packed, and even has a bit of heart.  And I've loved everything creator Adam Reed has done so far, including his previous shows SEALAB 2021 and FRISKY DINGO (of which Archer bears a more than a passing resemblance to Xander Crews from that show). One thing that has made the show so appealing is its willingness to destroy its own premise. It was a show about spies, then about MIAMI VICE-style drug smugglers, and most recently private investigators in LA. It's always the same cast of people, but the context of which the operate is always in flux, to hilarious results.

This leads us to ARCHER: DREAMLAND, the eighth season of ARCHER, which is now going to premiere of FX's sister channel FXX. Throwing out literally everything, the show will now be set in the '40s, and will be a straight-up noir – though somehow inexplicably starring the same characters. The other seasons had dabbled in noir-style stories before, but this will be the first time where it is the main focus.

Anyway, FXX has recently released two new promos for this new season, so let's take a look:

"Stop! My penis can only get so erect!" Man, holy shit, this looks amaze-balls! Great action, scenery, and lines ("Move, dick." "Slang for detective, so not an insult!"). I can't wait!

Season 8 of ARCHER will fly into the "DAAANGER ZONE" on FXX Spring 2017.

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