Updates and casting news on Leprechaun: Origins

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

We've been hearing about the reboot of LEPRECHAUN for quite some time, but news has been slow coming to us. It was back in May when we learned that Spielberg discovery Zach Lipovsky had been tapped to helm the flick, and we've known for a while that WWE star Dylan Postl, better known as the wrestler Hornswoggle, would be playing the titular tiny terror. Now we're hearing some interesting details surrounding the film as well as some casting info. Read on.

It seems that LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS has already filmed as is currently in post-production, aiming for a February 28 2014 release. Further, we have word that the film stars Stephanie Bennett (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2), Teach Grant ("Cult”), Bruce Blain (“Supernatural”), Adam Boys, and Brendan Fletcher (FREDDY VS. JASON).

Producers are keeping details of Harris Wilkinson's script under wraps to keep the franchise's new direction a secret, but as soon as we hear more about LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS we'll be sure to share it.

WWE's Hornswoggle

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