Urban “Bones” McCoy

Casting announcements for JJ Abrams’ upcoming STAR TREK have finally been materializing in the transporter, but aside from the additions of Simon Pegg as Scotty and Eric Bana as whoever, they haven’t seemed to stir much excitement for the dry-docked franchise.

And now it seems the the Enterprise crew (circa 30 years prior to Roddenberry’s version) is nearly complete. Sci-fi and genre warrior Karl Urban (DOOM, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, LOTR) will put away his various weaponry to do a little healing — the scruffy Kiwi will report to Starfleet Medical as cantankerous Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

Early rumors suspected Urban would play the villain in the thus-far-Shatnerless reboot, but that role went to Bana. The only major (?) character that remains a mystery seems to be Christopher Pike.

Source: Trekmovie.com

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