Urban Legend

Review Date:
Director: Jamie Blanks
Writer: Silvio Horta
Producers: G. Matthews, M. McDonnell
Jared Leto
Alicia Witt
Rebecca Gayheart
Someone is murdering people on campus in various ways depicting true urban legends. At first, people don’t buy it. Then, people start believing. Then, people get really scared.
Good little premise with decent mood and a great opening scene, turns into a muddled “teen horror flick of the day”, with plot holes the size of my ass, and a resolution that just blew away any suspension of disbelief that I had left over. It’s hard for me to describe my distaste for this film’s tactics, without giving too much away, but just let me say that I am personally not a fan of horror films that leave too many questions unanswered, and this one had me wondering all kinds of stuff. The fact that the killer wore a parka in the dead of summer was weird enough, but to show various other members of the cast with that same parka just for the sake of spreading out our web of suspension, just didn’t brew my beer (Yes, there is actually a girl who wears a parka jacket inside a pool area. Hello!?!?!?). And you know a horror flick’s lost all sense of hope, when its killer NOT only confesses to the whole thing whilst torturing a victim, but has a SLIDE SHOW to back things up. That’s right….a SLIDE SHOW!! You’ll shit your pants, I’m telling you!

It’s too bad because the film had a nice opening, some tense moments and an interesting premise. And can we please do away with horror flicks in which nobody in the case believes the main accuser, despite obvious evidence, signs of foul play and good ol’ fashioned proof?? I mean, c’mon people! That kind of stuff doesn’t scare us…it just pisses us right off!! Having said all that, I suppose this film could be tolerated under certain circumstances, like a dark, dreary summer night alone in your parka with a beer in one hand, and a gigantic suspension of disbelief in the other. A slide show……..I still can’t get over it !!! hahaha

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Urban Legend



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