Urban Legend (1998) – WTF Happened to This Horror Movie?

The new episode of the WTF Happened to This Horror Movie? video series looks back at the 1998 slasher Urban Legend

A new episode of the WTF Happened to This Horror Movie? video series has just been released, and in this one we’re looking back at the slasher Urban Legend (watch it HERE), which – I am disturbed to say, as someone who saw it on the big screen back in the day – is already celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To find out all about this movie, check out the video embedded above.

Directed by Jamie Blanks from a screenplay by Silvio Horta, Urban Legend has the following synopsis: A university is beset by a rash of gruesome murders that resemble old urban legends. When her friend Michelle is killed by someone hiding in her car, Natalie begins to notice the pattern. Her suspicions grow stronger when her own roommate is strangled to death. Soon the quiet college campus is transformed into hunting grounds for a maniac, and Natalie struggles to find the killer and stop the bloodshed before she becomes the next victim.

The film stars Alicia Witt, Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, Tara Reid, Michael Rosenbaum, Loretta Devine, Joshua Jackson, John Neville, Robert Englund, Danielle Harris, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Stephanie Anne Mills, Brad Dourif, and Julian Richings.

This is what the WTF Happened to This Horror Movie series is all about: Hollywood has had its fair share of historically troubled productions. Whether it was casting changes, actor deaths, fired directors, in-production rewrites, constant delays, budget cuts or studio edits, these films had every intention to be a blockbuster, but were beset with unforeseen disasters. Sometimes huge hits, sometimes box office bombs. Either way, we have to ask: WTF Happened To This Horror Movie?

The Urban Legend episode of WTF Happened to This Horror Movie? was Written by Eric Walkuski, Edited and Narrated by Tyler Nichols, Produced by Lance Vlcek and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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