V for Vendetta director James McTeigue will helm Alien Sleeper Cell

The sci-fi thriller ALIEN SLEEPER CELL is finally moving along as it's been reported that James McTeigue will now direct the film. It’s described as “a fresh and surprising take on the all-too-familiar alien invasion genre that features the tense tone of The Bourne Identity.” Those are the only story details we have at the moment but it sounds like they’re confident about making something we haven’t seen before when it comes to the alien invasion game.

THR’s report said ALIEN SLEEPER CELL has elements that “harken to Bourne Identity and TV’s The Americans but applied to an alien invasion scenario.” The movie has some strong names behind it already with McTeigue obviously and a script from Morgan Foehl who recently wrote Michael Mann’s BLACKHAT starring Chris Hemsworth. In addition to those projects, Foehl was brought in to write a script for the MASS EFFECT movie as well.

McTeigue made his directorial debut with the fantastic V FOR VENDETTA and then went on to make the forgettable NINJA ASSASSIN and THE RAVEN. Let’s hope he brings it back around with this one.

Source: THR

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