Varsity Blues

Review Date:
Director: Brian Robbins
Writer: W. Peter Iliff
Producers: Brian Robbins, Tova Laiter, Michael Tollin
James Van Der Beek
Jon Voight
Good ol’ Texan kid suddenly gets to play first-string quarterback on his high school team’s football team, in a town where football is considered religion. The coach is just about the biggest A-hole you’d ever want to meet, who will do practically anything to win. The good ol’ Texan boy does not approve of said man’s methods.
A fun football movie. This film was obviously geared towards the teen market, with MTV behind its production, a big TV star actor in the lead role, rockin’ hip music galore, and plenty of T&A. Having said that, I enjoyed the look and feel of the movie, thought James Van Der Beek gave a solid performance, loved the slick sounds, and yup , loved that T&A! I actually thought this was a comedy going in, but overall, it plays more towards the dramatic, than a comedy. I also enjoyed Jon Voight’s performance as the stubborn dick coach, as well as many of the other character players on the team. This is not a classic film by any stretch of the imagination, but it might teach some kids the hard lessons behind the “fun” game of football, or just allow them to have a good time for about an hour and forty-five minutes in the movie theatre (Or in the comfort of their own home, depending on where you watch this stuff.) All in all, I would definitely watch this movie if you like football, play football or want your kid to succeed in high school football. You could also watch it if you like teen flicks with a lot of cute guys and girls running around doing their stuff.

And did I mention the T&A? 🙂

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