Venom 3: Andy Serkis would be down to return for sequel

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Venom director Ruben Fleischer handed the reins to Venom: Let There Be Carnage over to Andy Serkis, and with Venom 3 in the works (although not officially), there’s a question of who will be taking over directing duties this time around.

While speaking with Metro, Andy Serkis seemed like he would be down to return to direct Venom 3 if given the chance.

I mean, yeah, of course. It’s such a wonderful world to play in. And I’m sure there will be [a sequel], I’m sure there will be… I don’t want to count our chickens. But yeah, of course.

Andy Serkis was pleased that Venom: Let There Be Carnage kept the oddball humour of the first movie. “The whole thing about this movie was getting the tonal balance right, so that it never became self referential and in-jokey,” Serkis said. “Sometimes it can become a bit… where you actually stop caring about the characters because you know that the actors are enjoying themselves too much… It never got to that. It was always just really clever writing and clever playing of the writing that I think kept it buoyant, bubbly, and fun, really fun. The relationship with Eddie and Venom, when they’re clashing and all of that, is really hilarious.

Tom Hardy has previously said that he was already thinking about Venom 3 before the release of the first sequel. He also commented on whether or not Venom might finally cross paths with Spider-Man at some point. “I would be remiss if I wasn’t trying to steer any kind of connectivity,” Hardy said. “I wouldn’t be doing the job if I wasn’t awake and open to any opportunity or eventuality or be excited by that… Should both sides be willing, and it be beneficial to both sides, I don’t see why it couldn’t be.” Judging by the post-credit scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we have a much better idea of how that crossover can happen. Would you like to see Andy Serkis direct Venom 3 or would you rather see someone else take over?

Source: Metro

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