Video essay talks about nostalgia and its affect on current pop culture

"Hey, remember the thing?" That's been an issue lately with pop-culture, because besides just being inundated with movies and TV shows based on things we loved in the past, we are also seemingly stuck in '80s nostalgia, in a constant refrain of "Oh, I remember that movie! I get that reference!". This becomes increasingly clear when we look at the success of IT – or especially – STRANGER THINGS.

And is that a good thing…or a bad thing? Because while IT and STRANGER THINGS were good – unrelated to being set in the '80s – there is a danger of pop-culture constantly regurgitating and cannibalizing itself, especially since our thirty year cycle of pop-culture nostalgia is actually even more tenuous than that, as the '80s themselves were regurgitating and cannibalizing the pop-culture of the '50s. Video essayist Lindsay Ellis delves into this phenomenon in the video embedded above, addressing these issues – and more – when it comes to our current pop-culture obsession with the '80s and the phenomona of nostalgia in general.

So what about you Schmoes? Are you on the nostalgia train, or are you worried about its effects on pop-culture? Either way, sound off below!

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