WandaVision’s finale caused Disney+ to crash

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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I have yet to watch the season finale of WandaVision. I'm waiting for complete time and space and once I wrap up my shift over here at JoBlo Disney+ will be my first stop. It looks like it is a good thing I've put off watching the finale for a bit because fans of the series that flocked to the streamer to see how the show ends made the platform experience technical difficulties.

Downdetector is a website that monitors web outages and the site showed that there had been a huge spike in people reporting problems with their Disney+ service. The reason this is being blamed on WandaVision is that the outages began when the finale was dropped on the platform around midnight on the West Coast. While Disney+ didn't crash completely, some 2,300 users reported issues accessing the streamer once the finale made its debut. You can take a look at the Downdector map below to see where most of the hotspots were.

WandaVision has allegedly been the culprit during another outage on the streamer in the past. When episode seven made its debut, Disney+ went down for around ten minutes for some users. During this current outage, it looks like the hotspots were confined to the West Coast in areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. I almost considered jumping on at midnight but I wanted to be 100 percent alert for the final episode. If I had tried to access the site around that time and couldn't see the episode, I think I would've had a minor meltdown. That's just the power of WandaVision folks.

Did any of YOU have issues accessing Disney+ when the WandaVision finale dropped?

Source: Downdetector

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