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Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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I love Robert Rodriguez‘s DIY attitude when it comes to filmmaking. Even if you don’t like the man’s films you have to at least appreciate how much work he personally does on his movies. Rodriguez has shared some of his tips of the trade before with his “Ten Minute Film School” segments and now he wants YOU to help him with a new project.

Robert Rodriguez (along with Troublemaker Studios of course) is teaming up with Blackberry for “Project Green Screen.” The project is a short film written by Rodriguez called TWO SCOOPS and they are currently excepting auditions for a part in the film.

TWO SCOOPS is about twin sisters who are…well the tagline really says it all: “Ice cream scoopers by day. Danger seekers by night!” A more detailed description would be that it’s about monster hunting twin sisters who learn that their father has been taken by a mysterious creature and it’s up to them to find him. You would be playing the girls’ agent who is briefing them on the mission. The video you submit will be transplanted into the finished film via green screen so essentially your “audition” will be what ends up in the short movie.

All you need to do is submit a video of yourself playing the “serious and stern” agent. The dialogue has already been provided and you just need to give them your take on it. The deadline for submissions is April 3rd. Rodriguez is also looking for extras in the film who would appear as pictures of missing people.

There is going to be other ways to contribute to TWO SCOOPS as well. On April 3rd you’ll be able to tweet your suggestion on how they should fill a plot gap and on April 10th will Rodriguez need people with artistic skills to help with the design of the creature.

Check out the introduction from Robert Rodriguez and the trailer for TWO SCOOPS. There’s already a snazzy poster for the film which I’ve included as well. You can check out the details for the project here. I think this is a great idea and if any of you Schmoes out there get the part or end up involved with TWO SCOOPS be sure to let us know!

Introduction from Robert Rodriguez:

TWO SCOOPS trailer:

Two Scoops poster

Source: Blackberry

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