WarGames is being brought back as an interactivie digital short

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Don’t ask me what is going on with that WARGAMES remake, because I don’t know. MGM certainly had plans to make it at one point, but maybe they realized that updating these 80s Cold War movies is easier said than done (i.e. RED DAWN) and have elected to move on.

If so, then their new announcement for WARGAMES makes a hell of a lot of sense, with Interlude and MGM Television partnering up to create an interactive digital short inspired by the 1983 flick. Sporting some sort of modern take on the story, the short would essentially operate as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, allowing the audience to make decisions that affect the outcome. Dialogue and even plot can be altered by your choices, with each new experience creating a different result.

Professor Falken, would you like to play this game?

No word on if Matthew Broderick would be involved in any way, but can’t we all agree that this certainly needs Dabney Coleman and his WOPR?

Source: Variety

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