Warner Bros. developing nine other movies based on DC Comics

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Warner Bros. is developing nine other DC Comic adaptations besides Zack Snyder's BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and the just recently announced JUSTICE LEAGUE. Not every movie in the works will be part of DC's cinematic universe though, and at this point we only know about a few of these projects.

Last year we learned FABLES might be heading to the big screen, as well as Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN with Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing. There's also Peter Segal's SHAZAM project, however it doesn't sound like Warner Bros. is moving forward with the director's plans for the character. The studio is also working on adaptations of 100 BULLETS and METAL MEN. Some have speculated we could be seeing a WONDER WOMAN movie soon, however The Wall Street Journal says it isn't one of the films being developed at this time.

So what are the other projects, and how many of them will be connected to JUSTICE LEAGUE? We still don't know what Dwayne Johnson is doing with DC, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are attached to produce an adaptation of SLEEPER, and Guillermo Del Toro still wants to do JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. I guess the bigger question is how many of these planned projects count towards the eleven total DC films being developed by Warner Bros.?

Zack Snyder's BATMAN VS SUPERMAN will be in theaters on May 6th, 2016, and JUSTICE LEAGUE will likely be released sometime in 2017.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via ComicBook)

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