Watch Showtime’s Penny Dreadful pilot starring Eva Green online for free!

For those of you who frequent Showtime, you've no doubt seen the ad campaign for the deliciously stylistic Penny Dreadful.  Comparisons have already been made to HBO's True Blood (it's a TV show . . . there's vampires . . . I suppose that's all you need) but I think Showtime is being quick to differentiate their Victorian gothic series from HBO's beast.

In a very cool move on their end, Showtime has uploaded the entire first episode for FREE, which you can view RIGHT HERE.  This is a brilliant way to catch the interest of those without Showtime who want to see what the hell Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and characters from the novel Dracula do in their spare time between novels.  Adding to what looks like a great ensemble cast is the delectable Eva Green, legendary Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett.  It certainly doesn't hurt that the series' creator, John Logan, was behind some of cinema's great films, such as GLADIATOR, THE AVIATOR and SKYFALL.

Here's the show synopsis:

An erotically-charged, profoundly unsettling new saga, PENNY DREADFUL completely reinvents literature's most iconic and terrifying characters. Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein and timeless figures from Dracula join a core of original characters in a dark and brutal quest to save a soul — even as they grapple with their own monstrous temptations

When you throw Eva Green into that mix . . .  well Showtime, just shut up and take my damn money.

Penny Dreadful will start airing Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning May 11, only on Showtime.

Source: Penny Dreadful Official YouTube Channel

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