Watch Tommy Wiseau audition to play The Joker in a hilarious new video

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Not long ago, it was announced that WALK THE LINE and THE MASTER actor Joaquin Phoenix could be playing The Joker in Todd Phillips planned origin story film with Martin Scorsese producing. A lot of people got pretty excited about this prospect, including Hollywood anomaly and THE DISASTER ARTIST subject Tommy Wiseau. Only, rather than join in the chorus of those celebrating the idea of Phoenix suiting up as The Jester of Genocide, Wiseau began publicly campaigning for one the most sought-after roles in the history of film: the yin to Batman's yang, The Joker.

After hearing of Tommy's passion for the role, the good people over at Nerdist gave THE ROOM creator his chance to audition for the chance to show the world how he would represent the Clown Prince of Crime on the big screen. As you can imagine, the result is a damned hilarious one, as Tommy receits famous lines delivered by Jokers of the past complete with all of his trademarked gusto and ridiculousness.

You can check out the Nerdist Presents exclusive video for yourself below:  

Wow … so, do we have a confirmation on Phoenix yet? Also along for Tommy's wild ride as The Joker is THE ROOM and BEST F(R)IENDS actor Greg Sestero, as well as ZOMBEAVERS actor Peter Gilroy as Not Batman.

I have to admit, if DC were ever thinking about doing a "bizarro" Joker film, Wiseau just might make the cut. Well, I don't really think that, though I will say that stranger things have certainly happened. After all, Wiseau is quickly becoming an even bigger internet celebrity in recent times, with many people having a "What will he do next?" curiosity about the mysterious man behind "the Citizen Cane of bad movies."

What do you think of Tommy's audition tape? Is it better than Jared Leto's Joker? Would you love to see Wiseau cast in either Phillips Joker solo film or Gavin O' Connor's SUICIDE SQUAD 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

THE DISASTER ARTIST arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow, March 13th!

Source: Nerdist

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