We talk to Hasbro at SDCC about their biggest Transformer ever!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Transformers have been a part of pop culture since they entered the scene in the '80s and the line has continued to grow and expand every year since. Now, Hasbro is taking another leap forward with a new venture; their biggest Transformer ever! And who better to fit that bill than Unicron, the planet-sized villain from 1986's TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (and voiced by Orson Welles no less). We talked to Senior Design Manager John Warden and Marketing Director Ben Montana about the creation of this massive figure and got the details on what fans can expect from this goliath 'bot. They also discuss some of the other upcoming figures in the line, including a new version of the Refraktor and a GHOSTBUSTERS-themed Optimus Prime! If you're even just a casual fan of Transformers this is all pretty damn cool and it's great to see the line thriving and growing.

unicron, transformers

unicron, transformersoptimus prime ghostbusters


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