We talk Yellowstone with Taylor Sheridan, Kevin Costner and more!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Over the past few years, Taylor Sheridan has proven to be one of the most exciting new filmmakers working today. Whether it is his screenplay work for the SICARIO films and HELL OR HIGH WATER, or as both writer and director on the fantastic feature WIND RIVER, he creates rich and thought provoking stories and dynamic characters. Sheridan now brings his vision to the small screen with the epic modern day western, YELLOWSTONE. While I’ve only witnessed the premiere, that first episode very much feels like what we’ve come to expect from this talented visionary.

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the cast of YELLOWSTONE – as well as Sheridan – about the rich characters they have brought to life. And what an impressive group of actors they are. First up we spoke with Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly and Dave Annabelle. This talented trio discussed working in the Montana locations, and of course, it all came down to wanting to work with Mr. Sheridan – that was clearly a running theme for all involved. And Reilly opened up about playing perhaps the toughest character in the series. You wouldn't want to mess with "Beth Dutton."

For Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham and Cole Hauser, the three discussed the very complex roles each take on. Much like Sheridan’s other work, there is nothing black and white about any of the players involved. The three fine actors take on these dynamic roles, ones that may not be nearly as involved in a  lesser filmmakers work. All three give terrific performances that help to create fascinating antagonists.

Next up we spoke to what I consider the heart and soul of YELLOWSTONE. Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille play perhaps the most sympathetic couple in the series. The two discussed taking on that position, and echoed what everyone else stated, they wanted the chance to work with a great writer. The two actors were both especially kind, and a real pleasure to talk to.

And finally, we sat down with the man of the hour, and the series' iconic star. Kevin Costner has always seemed right at home in a western setting, and this is a perfect vehicle to bring him to the small screen – although YELLOWSTONE is about as epic as anything you’d see in the cinema frankly. The actor opened up about the project, and about the series powerful opening introduction. Taylor Sheridan discussed bringing the location to life, and why he writes about the stories and people he does. Yellowstone is a bold and exciting new series, make sure you check it out this coming Wednesday on the Paramount Network.

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