Wedding Crashers 2: Vince Vaughn feels really good about a sequel

Last Updated on July 30, 2021


WEDDING CRASHERS is arguably one of the best comedies to come out in the last 15 years. Back in 2005, the film became one of the biggest success stories of the summer and the whole year. Made for $40 million, the comedy went on to gross $209.2 million at the domestic box office and critics dug it too with a solid 76% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film came out during the height of the powers of Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson and it also debuted as Rachel McAdams was blowing up after MEAN GIRLS and THE NOTEBOOK. Throw in some fun supporting turns from Isla Fisher, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Walken, and Jane Seymour, you really had the perfect storm of comedic success.

Despite all of that success, a sequel has never happened and it seemed like all the players involved didn't want to do one to simply ride on the success of the original film. Director David Dobkin has stated many times that they do not have a script for a sequel at this time but he does have an idea that could bring Vaughn and Wilson back. It's an idea that he has been working on and according to Vince Vaugh, it's an idea that he feels really good about.

Vaughn was speaking with "CinemaBlend" as he's gearing up for his film FREAKY to open on November 13 and here is what he had to say about the idea that they have for WEDDING CRASHERS 2:

"David Dobkin had a really good idea that was contemporary. I never went and made a sequel to a lot of these films at the time because it felt like we were just chasing a success. But what I like about where Crashers could potentially be at is [that] there's something that is of this moment that feels really good… a lot of these comedies, even something like Wedding Crashers, you're sort of investigating things that I think are real in our lives, but the comedy is an overcommitment to the absurd."

Vaughn didn't go into specific story ideas for a sequel but David Dobkin has said previously that story could explore "what it'd be like for guys in their late 40s who end up being single again and have to go back out in the world. What a weird, difficult, challenging story that is. And as long as there's a real story in the middle of it, to me, it can be a movie." These comments were made back in June and one has to imagine that this idea has also been bounced off of Wilson, although he hasn't publicly commented on a sequel as of yet.

I will say kudos to Dobkin and company for not just doing a sequel for the sake of a money grab. Most sequels exist for that very reason and sometimes that reasoning isn't particularly kind, especially to comedic sequels. ZOOLANDER 2ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUESNEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISINGDUMB AND DUMBER TO and arguably, THE HANGOVER sequels are all poor imitations of their predecessors. I respect the fact why we haven't gotten a BRIDESMAIDS sequel is because all involved feel like it's not necessary. That being said, if a story seems worthy of telling, I'd be interested in seeing where it could go. 

Do YOU think they should do a sequel to WEDDING CRASHERS?

Source: Cinemablend

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