Would Nathan Fillion rather play Ant-Man or Uncharted’s Nathan Drake?

Last night, Nathan Fillion showed up at the Hero Complex Film Festival to do a little Q&A for Joss Whedon’s screening of SERENITY. Contributor Venkman from GeekTyrant attended and got some answers to some crucial questions.

When a part is looking to be cast, particularly for a comic book character or a certain videogame adventurer, Nathan Fillion’s name is usually droppped. The two characters that come up the most are Ant-Man and Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, but which would he play?

When someone asked if Fillion would like to take on the role, the actor replied that “it wasn’t for him” and then said, “…did you ever just love Ant-Man? (Dramatic pause)… Not me.” After everyone laughed, he continued on to joke about, “how lame it would be to lead an army of ants and started to pretend to pick and spit ants out of his mouth.” When it came down to it, the part just wasn’t for him like when there was buzz of him taking on Steve Trevor for a Wonder Woman flick.

But what about Nathan Drake? Fillion said this with a little more excitement, “That would be great, because everyone wants their own Indiana Jones movie.” However, he feels that his chances wouldn’t be so good. “If I were making that movie, I wouldn’t get me to do it. Do I want to be in it? Yes!” Fillion explained to the audience that the studio would want a name with a big box office draw. He said that he’s not a big name “outside of the geek community” so he wouldn’t “bring in the kind of money they would want to make”.

Source: GeekTyrant

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