Will Forte and Tim Robbins swap places with Dennis Quaid and Ty Burrell for the kind of prequel to Jackie Brown, The Switch

The “sort of” prequel to JACKIE BROWN, THE SWITCH from director Dan Schechter is coming along quite nicely in terms of cast.

Right now, John Hawkes, Yasiin Bey (also known as Mos Def), Jennifer Aniston and Isla Fisher are all on board. Unfortunately it seems that Dennis Quaid and Ty Burrell had to step down from their roles, but replacements have already been found. Tim Robbins and Will Forte will take their places. Is it an upgrade? Quaid for Robbins? I’d go with yes in terms of comedy. Burrell for Forte? I do enjoy both quite a bit.

Hawkes is the younger version of De Niro in the character of Louis Gara, and Bey slips on the shoes that were once filled by Samuel L. Jackson as Ordell Robbie.

Here are the details on the plot and character swap:

Set 15 years before the events in “Jackie Brown,” story follows career criminals Ordell and Louis as they team up to kidnap Mickey Dawson (Aniston), the wife of a corrupt real estate developer (Robbins). When the husband refuses to pay the ransom for his wife’s return, the ex-cons are forced to reconceive their plan, and the angry housewife uses them to get her revenge. Forte will play Marshall Taylor, a married country club member who harbors a crush on Mickey and spends most of the film in a moral dilemma after witnessing her kidnapping.

Can I stop referring to it as the “sort of” prequel to JACKIE BROWN now, please?

Source: Variety

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