WTF Happened to Eddie Murphy?

In our latest WTF series, we take a look at some of our favorite stars and filmmakers who have seemingly disappeared or altered their careers over the years to the point that begs the question; WTF happened? Now, before you think we're just picking on celebrities or running some gossip rag stuff, think again! We take a fun (and sometimes funny), researched and fair approach, looking at all angles that led our subject to wherever they are now (which isn't necessarily a bad place at all). If anything, it answers the question on where these fine folks went, how they got there and where you can find 'em now.

In our latest episode of WTF Happened To… we take a look at the career of Eddie Murphy, who got his start doing stand-up comedy before graduating to SNL where he put a stamp on his brand of comedy for the masses. Shortly after, Murphy ventured into the world of feature films and made an even bigger name for himself with hits like 48 HOURS, TRADING PLACES, BEVERLY HILLS COP, BOOMERANG, MULAN, SHREK and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, as well as an Oscar nomination for DREAMGIRLS. However, a long string of duds soon followed and Murphy found himself struggling to get back on top. Plagued by personal issues and failed attempts at recapturing the magic of his earlier comedy career, Murphy seemed to be down for the count. Then, in 2019, the famed comedian stepped up his game and released one of his finest performances yet with Dolemite Is My Name, a biopic about the late blaxploitation actor Rudy Ray Moore. After that, Murphy did a guest stint on SNL and is planning to launch back into stand-up while reviving some of his more popular franchises, including Coming 2 America and Beverly Hills Cop 4. Is Eddie back on top? We certainly hope so and welcome him with open arms!

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