Yee-haw! Black Dynamite is getting a sequel that will be a western homage in the vein of Blazing Saddles

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BLACK DYNAMITE was actually kind of brilliant.  It flawlessly captured everything about the Blaxsploitation genre it was paying homage to, both the good and the bad.  Now while that didn’t always do the movie quite the favor it might have hoped (despite the funk and the kung-fu action and the hilarious lines, it wore out its welcome 2/3 of the way in), you could definitely see how BLACK DYNAMITE was a complete labor of love from star Michael Jai White and everyone involved.

There is an animated show that’s making waves on Adult Swim, and White has spoken in the past about the possibility of doing one or two sequels that took the tone and referential intent of the first movie and translated it into other genres and styles.  “Spiritual sequels” is what I believe that kids would call it these days.  Well, turns out that what we thought was mere wishful thinking is actually inching closer and closer to becoming a reality.  Crave Online recently caught White at the premiere of ALEX CROSS, and here’s what he had to say about the future of the Black Dynamite name:

What would actually be really great is if White and co. could get various stars of Western movies to come along for the ride, much like Brooks did with SADDLES. Not that I expect Clint Eastwood to ever star in a movie that is part of the greater BLACK DYNAMITE universe, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be genius and fantastic and awesome.

You can definitely expect us to update you on the next moves this franchise makes, because a marriage of BLACK DYNAMITE and BLAZING SADDLES would probably cause me to break my ribs from laughter and leave an empty spot on JoBlo’s writing roster.  Stay tuned, and keep the faith brothers (and sisters)!

And speaking of which, here are two clips from BLAZING SADDLES – be warned, the language is not at all safe for work.

Source: Crave Online

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